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Show Notes & Information
Shadow Radio Show #23
60 Minute Interview with Michael Vara of the LNM Radio Network Exposing the IPREDATOR Scam and Scammer Michael Nuccitelli of
Shadow Radio Show #22
***MIT builds Artificial Intelligence system that can detect 85% of Cyber Attacks
Guido Stepken
At 15% of all attacks the system will fail? Inner paradox.
What, if hackers then only do these 15%?

***The Systematic Deconstruction og Modern Society by the Criminal Justice System
***'Democracy Spring' protesters arrested at Capitol Hill sit-in
***Largest security risk to the US
***FBI silently accepts that a hacker group has been stealing U.S secrets for past five years
***Bug in OS X Messages App Lets Attackers Steal Your Chat History
***Finding Vulnerability in Server/Client using Nmap
***Chrome Bug and Spying
***How hackers eavesdropped on a US Congressman using only his phone number
***Microsoft SUES Government
***Report: Nothing useful found on San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone
***Canadian Police obtained Master Key to Crack BlackBerry Messenger Encryption
***Fake Anonymous, How to Spot Fake Anons
***British Authorities Order Hacker Lauri Love to hand Over Encryption Keys
***Anti-Encryption Bill Released, would Kill your Privacy and Security
***Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death Gets QR Code
***So, FBI Director also Puts Tape Over His Webcam
***This 11-year-old Girl is Selling Super Secure Passwords for $2 Each
***SERIOUS WARNING: For all PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN Users

Top 10 Security Secrets by Shadow
1.) Do NOT Use The Cloud or Auto Backup Systems
2.) Do not type password using your keyboard, copy and Paste Passwords from yor encrypted pw file
3.) Do not use WiFi on home computer
4.) Never stor passwords in plain text, ALWAYS Encrypt
5.) Always USE a VPN
6.) Change your Home IP regularily
7.) Do NOT use a smartphone
8.) Do NOT use Windows
9.) Check, Check and Recheck if your home router is exploitable
10.) Always Use Virtual Machines to pen-test

Top 10 Information Technology Contributors
Guido Stepken
Luna Blitz
The Watcher
Joseph Domain
Dean Ritz
Green Boomerang Weenie
Mahadi Raof
Bryant Nakamura

Shadow Radio Show #21
No notes
Shadow Radio Show #20
No notes
Shadow Radio Show #19
Important Security Info. Please post questions to be answered
on Shadow Radio in the InfoSec Community
Shadow Radio Show #18
Beating Chris Bridges Internet Troll to a Bloody Pulp
Shadow Radio Show #9
--IMPORTANT-- All Content relating to Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.
Has Been Removed from Our Network due to Fraudulent Activity
Shadow Radio Show #8
No Notes Yet
Shadow Radio Show #7
No Notes Yet
Shadow Radio Show #6
No Notes
Shadow Radio Show #5 Notes | January 11th 2015
I neglected to debate the Linux vs. Windows Issue due to the topic not appearing in the
Show #5 questions post on the InfoSec Community. Please make sure you are posting your
questions for the show in ONLY that post.
Shadow Radio Show #4 Notes | January 9th 2015
The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security
Quick-Tip: SSH Tunneling Made Easy

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Sat - Dec 27th 2014 1 16:26 Infosec Community Questions
Sun - Dec 28th 2014 2 24:07 Infosec Community Questions
Wed - Dec 31st 2014 3 21:52 Infosec Community Questions
Fri - Jan 9th 2015 4 31:59 News, VPNs, HTTPS, Hacker Term, Linux Distros, InfoSec Questions
Sun - Jan 11th 2015 5 32:00 News, Artificial Intelligence, InfoSec Questions
Fri - Jan 16th 2015 6 1:30:53 News, Prank Calls, Call-Ins, Dumb Laws, InfoSec Questions
Sun - Jan 18th 2015 7 45:20 News, Dumb Laws, My Opinions
Fri - Jan 23rd 2015 8 2:32:29 News, Dumb Laws, U.S Education, Religion, AI, Racism, Snowden, G.W. Bush
Mon - Feb 9th 2015 9 2:55:15 --REMOVED-- Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. - Part 1, iPredator Psychopathology
Wed - Feb 18th 2015 10 2:02:15 --REMOVED-- Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. - Part 2, iPredator Psychopathology
Fri - Mar 13th 2015 11 2:04:57 --REMOVED-- Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. - Part 3, iPredator Psychopathology
Mon - Mar 23rd 2015 12 39:35 News, Shadow Political Rant
Mon - Mar 30th 2015 13 33:19 News, Snowden, TrueCrypt, InfoSec Community Questions
Thu - Apr 17th 2015 14 1:18:42 Hacker News, Shadow Showdown with Scammer, Shadow: Target Job Interview
Wed - Apr 29th 2015 15 1:06:35 Hacker News, Physics: Richard Gibbs, Male/Female Translator, 90's Tech Trivia
Fri - May 22th 2015 16 2:11:30 --REMOVED-- Smashing and Psycho Analysis of trolls, Winning the battle with Dr. Michael Nuccetelli, Analysis provided by Shadow
Tue - Jul 7th 2015 17 2:00:38 --REMOVED-- 2 Hour Hard Hitting Interview with Dr. Michael Nuccetelli about Thought Crimes & Hunting Pedophiles
Tue - Aug 18th 2015 18 1:33:31 Smashing the daylights out of troll Chris Bridges
Thu - Sept 24th 2015 19 0:53:17 News, Vote Discussion, Pandor, iOS Bounty & iOS Fanboys, Proton Mail, M$ Linux, Best VPN, VPN + Tor, Crazy Ana Solana Phone Call
Mon - Nov 30th 2015 20 1:10:00 Completely EXPOSING Scammer Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., Clips from his own mouth, Lies, Deceit, Hypocrisy, MUST LISTEN
Tues - Mar 1st 2016 21 0:55.43 Shadows Government Current Events & News, The Big FBI/Apple fight, current InfoSec Community Stories and Posts, InfoSec Shoutouts
Wed - Apr 20th 2016 22 1:07.23 The No Bullshit Show, InfoSec News, Shadows Rant,Trolls, Top 10 Security Practices, Top 10 InfoSec Contributors, InfoSec Shoutouts
Tue - Aug 30th 2016 23 1:12.04 Hard Hitting 60 Minute Interview with Michael Vara from the LNM Radio Network Discussing Scammer Michael Nuccitelli and the IPREDATOR Scam