Security: PSYOP/Social Experiment Revealed Startling Results

Shadows Government Interviewed by
Katie O'Toole WJAC News
Our Security Experiment

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General Information

    Experiment Parameters:

  • Experiment Type: PSYOP/Social Experiment
  • Core Goal(s):
    • Test Small Town Hospital Security
    • Gauge Psychological Response After Experiment Ends (Being Asked for ID)
    • Authority Driven Social Dynamic Response
    • Physical Uniform - Looking the Part

This PSYOP/Social Experiment focused on the feasibility of an unknown actor/person entering into a public hospital and gaining entry into areas that generally would be off-limits to the public using nothing but social engineering and a uniform. It is important to understand that the uniform was found in an open closet. This element to the experiment was not planned, more accurately it was fortuitous and required improvisation.

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Complete Findings & Results of this Experiment Coming Soon....